Where the hell have I been? Also, what’s coming up in 2015!

It's been forever since I posted an actual blog. Over six months. So, what the heck have I been up to? What's been going on at Howlz' Moving Castle?

(if you like Miyazaki films you hopefully got that)

Why have I gone mostly radio silent aside from my quick posts on the Facebook page?

Well, lots of things have been going on. Both good and bad. Unfortunately, I cannot share a lot of it...due to reasons (yeah, I know talk about being vague, but once things are settled, I might share a little).  We'll just leave it that those things made me withdraw quite a bit. I know better, I do. I know that keeping things active is good, it keeps me visible to my readers, but I needed some time away. I did continue to write, and in fact have been writing quite a bit lately, though it pushed back releases I had hoped to put out by the end of 2014.

So, what have I been up to?

1622550_10152703982426063_5600677148529672630_oFor starters, I was in my first anthology, Rehab is for Witches! It was released on Halloween 2014 and I worked with an amazing bunch of ladies. I'm so proud of this anthology and if you like paranormal with a large dosing of snark, a dash of romance, and lots of action, you should definitely check it out!







I've been working with an amazing narrator for the Love & Ink series and we just released Scratches Down My Back in audio, so now you can get the first two Love & Ink books in audio! (links attached)

MarksAudio ScratchesAudio


If you want to hear some excerpts you can either go to the links attached or check out some over on SoundCloud. Yael is such a fabulous narrator that gets my characters, my writing, and my humor. She'll be working with me on the rest of the series as well!

And speaking of that, that brings me to...

What's coming up for 2015!

  • The last two books in the Love & Ink series!
  • More audiobooks!

First off, Book 3 of the Love & Ink series is coming NEXT MONTH! The release date is set for February 12th (right in time to spend Valentine's Day with the youngest Donovan brother).

If you haven't seen the cover yet, here it is. Our precious little Niall. This one is going to get emotional...just a fair warning!


As soon as this one is ready to go, I'll be sending it to Yael, and production on the Exposing The Flesh audiobook will begin! You can expect it in audio most likely in April or May!

Currently, I'm working on Darren's book, "An Ache In My Veins" and I am about 50% finished with it. While I can't set an exact release date for the fourth and final book in the series, I'm aiming for early April. Maybe sooner, but we'll see! I've been making some serious progress on it, but I don't want to jinx myself. 😉

Once I have an idea of the release for it, I'll be sharing the cover for it, and OMG you're going to love it!

So, what happens after I'm done with the Love & Ink series? So glad you asked.

I've gotten quite a few messages asking about The Gathering Shadows Saga, which starts after the events in Possess My Soul (The final installment of The Possess Saga).


As soon as I finish Darren's book I will be writing the first book of The Gathering Shadows Saga, "Gathering Shadows: Prelude".

You will get to see everyone and then some from The Possess Saga and a lot more of characters that were introduced in the final Possess Saga book. Honestly, I cannot wait! I've missed those characters and have some serious plans for them that have been brewing over the last year.

The series will be 4 books long and Prelude may only be a novella, as it is meant to bridge the two series and set things back in motion. I will be working mainly on this series over the course of 2015 with the exception of a couple novellas for another anthology (think twisted fairytales), but another series will also be kicking off this year...

The Reaper Saga! You can expect at least the first book in this series as it actually will intersect with an event in the end of the second Gathering Shadows book! For those of you that mourned the loss of Brody Walsh, well he's coming back–but he's definitely not a ghost anymore!

Finally, I'll be hitting the road for at least two amazing events this year!

Where you can find me in 2015!

The first one is THE NOVEL EXPERIENCE EVENT (TNEE) in LAS VEGAS!!!! April 3-5th!

The other is AUTHORS AFTER DARK in ATLANTA, GA!!! August 12th-1th

I had such a blast at AAD last year and am so honored to be invited back as a Featured Author! Both these events are going to be a blast, and TNEE is actually FREE for readers, so I hope to see some of you there!

Hope you all are as excited for 2015 as I am, and don't forget to sign up for my newsletter as I'll be sure to post new releases (as well as subscriber-exclusive giveaways) there first!

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