Who am I and why did I join Midtown Underground’s blog team?




Creating a few posts, I realize that I've never actually introduced myself.

We all know that I'm a softball lover and a mom (courtesy of my bio on the page). Obviously I'm a book lover as well considering I write posts about books. 🙂 But what most people don't know, I went to school to get my Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice. My goal with school is to become a corrections officer or a probation officer.

My daughter is currently 4 years old and we've recently enrolled her in gymnastics.  I couldn't be more excited. Lol.  She tries my patience on a regular basis, but I'm hoping that the gymnastics will get rid of some of her excess energy. Hahaha.

So now on to the main topic outside of my personal life (kind of).... books.

What kind of books do I like?: All types.  I read fiction mostly, but some non-fiction.  I love anything from YA to Dark Erotica, Science Fiction to Historical Romance.

I've learned that I love writing review for books that I enjoy. And I ABSOLUTELY LOVE editing books for authors.  When I read, it's a natural instinct to edit at the same time. My second dream would be to be a professional editor and just make a living by editing books.  Maybe one day my name will be put out there by enough authors that I'll become known and I'll be able to make income from it.  But until then, I'll just keep reading, editing, and loving books because it's what I enjoy. 🙂


At this point, I realize that I'm horrible at talking about myself so I think I'm done with this post. Hahah!  If anyone wants, feel free to ask any questions and I'll gladly answer them. 🙂


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