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My name's Brittani and I'm a resident blogger here and I guess it's time to introduce myself. 🙂

When it comes to books, I read all different genres.  I love music as well!  I play softball on an average of 2-3 days a week, and I'm a stay at home mom to my 3 year old munchkin. I also love to go to the dunes to ride quads.  I'm really just your typical nerdy book girl with a bit of tomboy added in for good measure.  Now let's get to the good stuff!


So I figured for my first post I should review something awesome.  What better than J.A. Howell's Possess Saga?!?!  I hope you all enjoy and if you haven't read it yet, what are you waiting for? 🙂


Possess (Book #1)




Stumbling off the bus in Midtown, Harley Martin thought she found an escape from her old life.

She soon realizes it was anything but that.

Low on cash and options, she manages to find herself a cheap but surprisingly nice apartment. The catch? The last tenant, Brody Walsh, killed himself.

Or did he?

As disturbing dreams and hauntings start to occur, Harley realizes there may be much more behind the previous tenant’s death than a simple suicide. She finds her life further entangled with his when she learns that her new boss, Nolan, was also his best friend. Could this handsome but evasive pub owner have something to do with Brody’s death?

Trying to piece together the events surrounding Brody’s death proves to be a daunting task, but Harley can’t give up. Brody won’t let her. He is still in the apartment with her, trapped in limbo until she finds his killer.

But he’s not waiting for revenge.

Harley’s next.


Harley is a girl that was born and raised in Louisiana.  When we first meet Harley, she is trying to escape her abusive fiancé.  After accomplishing that task, she hops on a bus to get as far away from him as possible.  Harley has found herself in a small college town named Midtown.  Once she sets herself up in a hotel room for the night, she goes out for dinner at the local pub, Finley’s.


When Harley arrives at Finley’s, she has a brief encounter with the sexy Irish owner, Nolan.  She then goes inside Finley’s and meets a fiery redheaded bartender named Aggie.  After Harley eats, she heads back to the hotel to sleep for the night before beginning her search for a job and residence.


While Harley is at the pub the next day for lunch, she gets a job as a waitress and runs across a steal of an apartment in the paper.  $600 a month for a fully-furnished apartment with utilities paid, what’s the catch?  When Harley arrives at the apartment to check it out, she discovers that the apartment is so cheap because a previous tenant committed suicide in the bathroom.  Being strapped for cash and needing a place to stay has Harley agreeing to live there.


Little does Harley know, a ghost still haunts the apartment.  Brody Walsh killed himself in the bathroom… or did he?  He continues to try to contact Harley and relay a message to her.  Now that Harley has had glimpses of Brody and strange dreams involving a woman she doesn’t know, she begins to question whether or not Brody truly did commit suicide.


When Harley begins questioning what really happened to Brody Walsh, she ends up in the crosshairs of someone herself.  Who can Harley trust anymore?  Is Nolan involved?  Aggie?  It could be any stranger in Midtown.  Can Harley find out what really happened to Brody before she ends up hurt herself?


This story managed to keep me up late hours into the night.  Between the creepy dreams, Brody moments, and Nolan’s sexy Irish accent, I couldn’t seem to fall asleep.  This book kept me reading throughout the night.  I fell in love with Harley and her struggle to survive daily. J.A. definitely knows how to write a story to keep you on the edge of your seat. You want to root for the good guy, and you despise the bad guy. Until you begin to wonder if a good guy is in fact that bad guy.


This book is the first in the saga, and it will definitely leave you wanting more.  It is not a cliffhanger, but when you know the story continues, you will want more.





The Untimely Death of Brody Walsh (Book #2)



**This is a novella that takes place before the events in Possess. You can read this book first, but for optimal reading experience it is best to read the series in order**

Brody Walsh’s life is left in disarray when his girlfriend is found brutally raped and murdered. But it completely shatters when his best friend, Nolan is arrested for the crime.

Even as the media is portraying him as a monster, Brody knows Nolan isn’t capable of murder.

That leaves the question: Who is?

Once the trial begins, Brody discovers just how little he knew about his girlfriend, spurring him to dig into her past for possible answers. And as Aggie, his long time confidant and childhood crush, stands by his side through all of this, he finds his own past resurfacing when his feelings for her reignite. But as the media and the prosecutors close in on Nolan, ready to convict him for a crime he didn’t commit, Brody will be forced to make a choice.

A choice that will lead to his untimely death.


So what really happened to Brody Walsh?  What led up to the events of his demise?  Did Brody bring it on himself? Or was it a case of wrong place, wrong time?  Well, for those of us that absolutely LOVE Brody and want to know more about what happened, this story gives us answers.  This is a novella from Brody’s perspective, describing the events leading up to his death.  This book is not necessary to continue with the story, BUT, I personally was very thankful that we got more insight into Brody and the events before his death.




Possess My Heart



"You can't leave me because I'll only ever love you."

What was supposed to be a final goodbye turned into one last piece of unfinished business for Brody Walsh.

As long as Aggie Walker's heart still belongs to him, he's destined to remain in limbo, watching over her.
But when her family decides to send her to Scotland for the summer and she meets Camden MacTavish, it seems despite their constant head-butting that there may be something more between them.

That is, if she is willing to let Camden in.

As Aggie finds herself torn between her lover lost and her lover anew, it becomes clear that she cannot hold on to both. If she decides to let Camden into her heart, she will have to let Brody go. And if she can't let Brody go, she risks losing Camden-and a second chance at love.


Possess My Heart is Aggie’s story.  We’ve come to know that Aggie and Brody were in love and had just figured out their feelings for each other just days before Brody was murdered.  This book begins with Aggie cursing Brody for leaving her to suffer another New Year’s party alone.  Little does she know that he’s right there and they are going to have a talk.  Aggie and Brody are allowed to spend one last night together to say goodbye.  It is time for Aggie to let Brody go.


When Aggie is forced to try and let Brody go, she goes into a deep depression.  Friends and family become concerned with her mental health and in turn, plan a trip for her to Scotland.  Although Aggie doesn’t want to leave Midtown, she doesn’t have a choice.  Soon she is in Scotland and meeting up with her cousins Grant and Bea.


For her first night in Scotland, all Aggie wants to do is sleep, but Grant has other plans.  Aggie, Bea, and Grant are going to a bar.  Once they get there, Grant tells her she has to drink and enjoy herself.  When Bea excuses herself to the restroom and Grant goes to get drinks, Aggie gets hit on by a drunken sweaty Scottish man.  What Aggie doesn’t know is that the man she just kicked in the groin is her cousin Grant’s best friend, Camden.


While Grant and Bea attempt to get Aggie out and about, Camden continues to tag along.  He’s a self-assured, arrogant arsehole as far as Bea and Aggie are concerned, but he’s also quite funny at times.  After a while, Aggie reluctantly begins to form a friendship with Camden.  She may not like him very much, but she can’t deny that he’s cute and tends to grow on you.  As they begin to spend more and more time together, Aggie finds herself attracted to him.


While Aggie is attracted to Camden, she just can’t seem to let Brody go.  She becomes more and more confused about what she should do next.  Finally Aggie gives in and starts spending more time with Camden, sneaking around behind Bea’s back since Bea and Camden have history.  But Aggie just can’t quite give up her love for Brody.  Eventually Aggie has to come to a decision and either let Brody go, or let Camden go and face the consequences involved with Brody.


Will Aggie ever over Brody?  Will she give Camden a true chance?  Or will she decide to live her life alone, pining for a love that has been lost?




To Have & To Haunt (Book #3)



Ghosts aren’t the only thing that can haunt you...

Nolan and Harley have been in paradise for the last year, head over heels in love. When Nolan proposes and they find out Harley is expecting, it seems they both will have everything they ever wanted.

Or will they?

Nolan’s kept the horrors of his past locked away. After all, he has Harley and Finley’s Pub is doing great. None of it matters anymore, right? But when the news of nuptials and babies has the opposite intended effect with his estranged mother, the ghosts of his past come rushing back, and the memories of them are terrorizing him nightly. But he can’t tell Harley. On the verge of marriage and parenthood, Nolan must figure out a way to deal with his past, or let it consume his future with Harley.

Harley’s always known she wasn’t normal. Seeing Brody’s ghost only confirmed that. But now a killer is on the loose in Midtown and she’s having visions of each victim’s death. Will she be able to help them and accept just how different she truly is? Pregnant, engaged, and contending with an overbearing mother-in-law, Harley isn’t sure she can take on the responsibility and the future laid out in front of her.

They say love conquers all. But as Nolan and Harley struggle with their own secrets, will their love be enough to keep them together?

Or will the things that haunt them finally tear them apart?


To Have & To Haunt brings us back to Harley and Nolan.  When we left of from Possess My Heart, Nolan had just proposed to Harley and she revealed that she is pregnant. So now it is time to get the wedding planned and deal with the future monster-on-law.


While Harley must deal with Nolan’s mom, she must also deal with the fact that she’s seeing deaths before they happen.  When Harley discovers that there is a serial killer in Midtown, she is determined to stop him before he kills his next victim.  Although she plans to stop the serial killer, Harley doesn’t want anyone to know that she is seeing these deaths.


Meanwhile, while Harley is drawing away from everyone and trying to figure out how to stop the killer, Nolan is facing his own nightmares.  Nolan begins having night terrors involving his time in prison.  These nightmares continue to haunt him and he begins to draw back as well without telling anyone what is truly happening. When his mother informs him that she saw Harley acting close with a stranger, he doesn’t know what’s going on, but has a feeling he is losing her.  Nolan must overcome is nightmares in order to move on with Harley, but can he?


Will Nolan be able to overcome his nightmares? Who is the mysterious stranger that Nolan’s mom spotted her talking to the other day?  Is the stress getting to Harley and she’s started seeing someone other than Nolan?  Is the stranger the serial killer?  Or is he the answer to all of Harley’s questions?




Possess My Soul (Book #4)




“Being half-fae I had the ability to sense others' impending deaths. Anomalies. Deaths that didn't have to happen. Sometimes, if I had enough time to get to them, I could stop their deaths. But I never imagined I'd see my own.”

With only a week to go before she gives birth to her daughter Emma, Harley Faye Finley chooses to make the ultimate sacrifice. Trade her life for that of her daughter’s. When the time comes, she’s ready for the inevitable.

But something goes wrong.
Harley survives.
But someone…or something else is in there with her.

As this unknown, malevolent force fights for control, Harley finds herself a prisoner in her own body, and those she loves are now in mortal danger. Will she, Nolan, or anybody else be able to stop it before it’s too late?

Or will the Harley they know and love be lost to them forever?


This story begins where To Have & To Haunt left off. We have a happy Nolan and Harley... for a second... until Harley has a vision that leaves her unsettled. Right off the bat you're worried and wondering what will happen.

We are also given glimpses into Lucas, his past, and what he is dealing with in the present. It definitely clears things up and is a little heartbreaking.


When Harley’s vision shows her that she must choose between herself or her baby, she chooses to leave the world…. Or at least try to.  Things don’t exactly go as Harley plans and she comes back from the hospital a little… different.

While Nolan is trying to handle the stresses of being a new father, he must also handle the stress of figuring out what is wrong with his wife and mother of his child.  Nolan isn’t sure how to handle the new Harley so he sends Emma away until he can make sure Harley returns to normal.


While trying to get everything straightened out, Nolan meets Fate, Harley’s father.  But Fate has some information that Nolan isn’t sure he can understand, until he’s forced to.  Now it is up to Nolan and Fate to get the old Harley back.


Will Fate and Nolan be successful?  Can the old Harley ever return?  And if so, will she be able to handle all of the things she has done?





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