Git R Done

Sometimes as a writer, you have to yell at yourself. Not out loud, because then you just look crazy, and lets face it, some of us already give off that vibe. 🙂

No by that I mean, we have to set schedules. Set boundaries. Make a list of goals for the day and stick to it. Turn of the twitter, turn off the Facebook. If you are a writer you have heard that before. For me many times I have to remind myself to post on here.  I generally have to list out, at least mentally, everything I need to finish in a day. And while I can write a blog with Facebook and twitter still open, I have to close them while writing.  One thing I discovered during the first draft of Mistaken was WriteOrDie. I  paid the 10 bucks and got the desktop version that goes full screen while I am in it. It makes it much easier for me to get in 1000-2000 words in one sitting. It also makes it harder to do anything else while it's full screen.

I like the fact that it forces you to just write. Plenty of my first draft has to get revised, but at least I am getting the story out. Fine-tuning is for revisions. Now that I have gotten half of my writing goal in for the day, I allowed myself sometime to blog and check facebook, but I already know I need to do one more WriteOrDie session before I can call it quits for the day.  On my list of to do's today is also:

  • Finish print format of Mistaken (final edits aren't done, but taking care of this now so it isn't a headache later).
  • Catch up on blogs I follow (getting back to being an active member of the online writing community)
  • Work on fliers/posters for book release
  • contact Cafe owner where book release party will be
  • go to work (booooo)
In the meantime, here are some good blog about forming good writing habits you should check out. Both have some great ideas to keep you on track to your word count.

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